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Our Legal Stuff

Terms & Conditions

PAWss Limited undertake to care for the health and well-being of the customer’s pet(s) to the best of their ability, however, the owner must understand and accept the risks involved with pets, particularly dogs, in an open-play environment (for example minor injuries and common ailments) and will not hold PAWss liable for damages, losses, and costs outside their control.

We reserve the right to require your emergency contact person to remove your pet from our premises for any reason (including without limitation where your pet is causing undue stress to other animals, is aggressive or barking persistently or has extreme separation anxiety to our sole opinion).

You acknowledge and agree that during your dog’s stay here, there is a risk and possibility of your dog acquiring Canine cough (Kennel Cough) – this occurs in even the most hygienic and well-ventilated kennels. Canine cough can be picked up from any dog; from neighbours, at dog parks, groomers, dog shows, etc. It can even be acquired whilst at the vets. A Canine cough
vaccination does not cover every strand of kennel cough, just as the flu jab does not cover every strand of flu in humans. We accept no liability for your dog acquiring canine cough during its stay here. (Please also see our Canine Cough Information Sheet)

Owners accept the responsibility to disclose all relevant information on our “Boarding Form”, pertaining to their pet with regards to behaviour problems, aggression, allergies, injuries, sexual state or other history associated with caring for their pet(s). PAWss reserve the right to refuse any pet with a problem they believe may hinder their ability to care for that pet effectively.

Owners agree to be solely responsible for any harm caused by their pet while staying at PAWss and release PAWss from any and all liability arising from your pet’s participation. Any and all necessary Veterinary or Medical care required and costs incurred as a result of any incident caused by your pet will be the sole responsibility of you, the pet owner.

Should any dog/cat become aggressive or anti-social to a point where there is a risk of injury to itself, any other dog/cat or person, that dog/cat will be contained in an appropriate manner until the risk is mitigated or alternative arrangements/accommodation can be made with the owner of the dog/cat. Owners understand and accept that a Veterinary Surgeon will be called if PAWss think it necessary, and any resulting fees will be payable by the owner at the time of collection. In all cases, all efforts will be made to contact the owner or their designated emergency contact to give a full explanation of the situation.

All pets staying at PAWss must be fully vaccinated; wormed and flea treated, and provide current proof of vaccination on arrival. Vanguard, Lepto and Kennel Cough, for cats Fellocel 3/or 4. If you are unsure if your pet is covered, please discuss it with your vet. Failure to provide a valid vaccination card for each pet staying gives PAWss the right to refuse boarding. PAWss reserve the right to administer worming/flea products if deemed necessary at the owner’s expense.

Vanguard 5 (distemper) Combination Vaccine This vaccine covers diseases like Distemper Virus, Parvovirus, Adenovirus and Parainfluenza Virus in a single injection. This vaccination should be administered to the puppy after 6‐8 weeks of age. A booster should also be given every 3‐4 weeks, till the puppies are 16 weeks old. An additional injection is given after one year, after which boosters are given every one to three years.

Leptoguard is a vaccine developed to aid in the protection from Leptospira bacteria. The bacteria affects dogs of any age damaging many body systems, the kidneys and liver in particular. Symptoms include fever, anorexia and jaundice (yellow gums). Illness is severe and usually fatal. Dogs that do recover can shed bacteria (in their urine) for months following recovery. Common sources of infection are rats and cows. Humans are also at risk of picking up Leptospirosis which is another reason why vaccination is so important. The strain that affects dogs is usually only found in the north half of the North Island, so if your
dog has moved to Auckland from elsewhere it would pay to check that it has been vaccinated against this disease. Here at PAWss we consider leptospirosis vaccination an essential component of our core vaccinations for dogs living in & around Auckland.

Non‐Core Vaccines (Depend on Risk Factors) Bordetella Vaccine (Canine Cough Vaccine) This vaccine fights against the bacteria called Bordetella Bronchiseptica that causes kennel cough in dogs. It should be generally administered to puppies that come in large contact with other dogs (during grooming, boarding and/or training classes). It can be taken either annually or semi‐annually, depending on the requirement and the level of risk the dog is open to. There are 2 types of bordatella vaccine:

  1. The vaccine is administered as drops into the nose (Nobivac Intranasal Kennel Cough Vaccine), which should be given at least 3 days before kenneling
  2. As an injection (Canvac CCI), which should be given at least 5 weeks prior to kennelling if the first time your dog has been vaccinated or at least one week prior if a booster vaccination. These can be safely administered alongside Vanguard 5 &
    Leptoguard or alone.

Owners understand PAWss accept no financial responsibility for collars, leads, bedding, toys, cages etc. if those are left here. We wash bedding frequently so name items to ensure we can recognise them.

We do expect that your dog is de-sexed unless, under 10 months old, there may be an occasion we would allow an entire dog into our kennel, however, this is at PAWss discretion.

ALL cats need to be de-sexed.

Please download our form and agree to all our respective terms and submit the form back to us for acceptance. You will require Adobe Acrobat reader to digitally sign this form.

Download our T&C’s form here.


Truly Awesome

Our Testimonials

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“Taco came to stay today, he hung out with his doggy friends, went for a walk, got muddy and then had a bath and his nails clipped - one happy dog - now asleep on the sofa. Thanks Fiona...”

Taco's Owners

Dog Tuma panting

This team have worked with my dog since he was a puppy at their puppy class. They are his absolute favourite, every time we turn up he runs straight to the reception desk to greet everyone. I love seeing all the photos at the end of the day! They are also the only pet stay near me that will accommodate males intact up to 1 year old which is important for me.

Amy Gardner

Cat looking up

As soon as I got off the car, I can see my dog gets so happy to be there. Never seen my dog this happy before, she was jumping around, tail wagging hard, so excited to want to play. Excellent team at Pets at Whitford, very caring and you can tell that they all love animals. Many thanks, you are awesome.

Bayu Putra

Cat looking up

We placed our dog in boarding at PAWSS over six days and felt reassured that he was well taken care of. We appreciated that the dogs who are boarding can socialize during the days and not simply be kept in their kennels. We also had a groom done and it is one of the best he’s had. We have a very happy and well-exercised doggy! We’re very happy to know that we can rely on PAWSS to look after our fur baby when we can’t take him with us. Thank you so much!

Jessica Labreche

Cat looking up

Left my pup with Pets at Whitford for 2 weeks while on holiday. He was very well taken care of and had a blast. Daily photo updates are an awesome way for us to be reassured that he is okay as well. The staff are absolutely lovely to deal with and very accommodating.

Arti Chand

Dog Rouge panting

In Feb I sent my male pup Rougie to boarding. Rouge had a challenging personality, very anxious around other dogs or strangers. He stayed there for 3 weeks and came back as a happy sociable dog. I paid for training however as they were busy and could not give him full training, Fiona was very kind to let me know and refunded most of the training cost. In March, I fell sick needing hospital treatment. I called Pets at Whitford and they went out of their way to pick up both my dogs, Prada and Rouge, got Prada’s vaccination details directly from the vet as this was Prada’s first time with them and took care of them while I was admitted in hospital and during the first week of recovery at home. They again went out of their way to drop my furbabies home. Honestly, I have not had such a great experience from any other organization that took so much pride in what they do with so much love for the furbabies … Plus point is that they upload the pet's pictures daily on Facebook. Thank you, Fiona and the entire team. You guys are fantastic.

Prem Z

Cat looking up

I have dealt with them for puppy school and grooming services. Suffice to say, I’ll be going there for boarding and all other services in the near and distant future. Fiona and the rest of the staff are really warm and pleasant!

Adhiraj Yadav

Dog Reina sitting in grass field

The girls at PAWSS take wonderful care of our furbaby. Her confidence with other dogs and other humans has improved immensely.

Kennedy Hayes

Cat looking up

Lovely people that take good care of your furry creatures.10/10.

Burt Purvis

Family dogs

Our Dogs love to stay and visit everyone at Whitford so much love for the animals and so much fun for my fur babies

Julie Dickson

Dog walking in grass

Hunter absolutely loves it here!! Loves his friends, the amazing team, the walks and overnight stays too

Kelly Pritchard

Dog lying in pool

I use Pets at Whitford regularly for my much-loved puppy. I was very nervous about leaving him the first time, but could not be happier with their service and care for my dog. They go over and above to look after them, and he (& I!) are always welcomed with a friendly smile. I actually wish that I could stay and hang out with them most of the time, as it looks like they have so much fun - you can see this on their regular Facebook updates. Cannot speak highly enough of them

Jacinda Yeoman

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